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Accurate Material Weighing Systems

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This page describes the Accurate Weighing Systems for Material batching and weighing.

1. Accurate Portion System - Modular systems that occupy less floor space, provide efficient ingredient proportioning with reduced batch times and provide the highest weighing accuracy. The weighing systems are designed around the application requirements, bin volumes, feeder type and size, scale capacity and product contact area construction can all be customized. Systems are provided with batching controls by a batching controller that provide formulation storage and inventory of raw materials and finished batches along with real-time batching status, weighments, batching status and "material in suspension" correction. Systems are easy to implement and allow for unattended operation after system start-up.

- Multiple supply bins & scale hoppers configurations
-Standard supply bin capacities from .5 cubic feet to 100 cubic feet
- Scale capacities from .25 cubic feet to 50 cubic feet
- Modular design allows for Expansion and limited space applications
- System accuracies to 1/10 of 1.0%

Material Weighing Systems

2. Manual Weighing Systems -Windows based hand prompt batching controls provide accurate minor ingredient weighing. Operator interface panel used in conjunction with a scale to sequence operator through pre-programmed formula, one ingredient at a time.

-Raw Ingredient Lot Tracking Via Bar Code Readers
-Ingredient Tolerance Control & Tracking
-Production and Finished Batch Tracking & Scheduling

3. Overhead Weighing Systems

4. Bins – Scale Hoppers & Supply Bins from 1/4 cubic ft. to 70 cubic ft. Capacity. Special Lids or product entry points for Custom Applications. Engineered for Custom mounting requirements, suspended or floor mounted with single or multiple point. Frames and support Structure Engineer capabilities also.

5. Scales

- Single scale systems
- Multiple scale systems

6. Support Structure – manufacture of frames and support structure

7, Weighing Applications

Baking Soda
Dough Conditioners

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