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Aja's fixed weight retail pre-pack weighing scales solutions

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The content of this page is about fixed weight retail pre-packing and weighing scales solutions from Aja.

Fixed weight, fixed price, case ready weighing

Aja has been at the forefront of providing Fixed Weight, Fixed Price, Case Ready retail pack weighing solutions since Fixed Weight, Fixed Price packs first appeared on the shelves of UK Supermarkets.

Multiweigh Fixed Weight Solutions

The Aja Yamato TDW ‘Selector’ Scale and SDW ‘Optima’ Multihead Weigher have over the last 15 years become industry standards in the meat, poultry, fish and produce sector for entry level, medium and high volume, fresh, frozen and value added difficult, delicate, fixed weight retail packs.

Multihead weighing has repeatedly proven to be the most accurate and effective way of controlling and minimising Give Away and handling awkward often sticky product by weight controllers.

Multihead combination weighing analyses all the individual piece weights in each hopper or pan and then calculates in which order/combination will the minimum give away be achieved. This is all being calculated in mille seconds with the high speed processor being constantly updated with new weights in which to calculate new pack combinations.

At any one time on say a 14 head weigher there are typically 11 or 12 real time weights from which to make a true and accurate combination. Multihead weighing is vastly superior to Linear systems which have only weigh head with possibly weighing combines

Both the TDW and SDW are user friendly, flexible, fully washdown to IP66.

Multiweigh Fixed Weighing

Above: The ‘New’ TDW ‘Selector’ Scale 2102 will pack all day to 15 ppm with between 1% link TDW at 3% Give Away without the minimum of training and supervision.

SDW ‘Optima’ offers a higher level of automation, sophistication and speed with superior Give Away control by offering both average and nett minimum weight and superior software to optimise pack accuracy and weighing performance. Typical pack speed is 30 ppm with Give Away as low as 0.5%.

pack weighing scales

Above: Aja SDW semi auto multihead fixed weight retail pack weigher

Fully Automatic High Speed Fixed Weight Solutions

The Aja range of IP66, fully washdown bespoke multiheads, complete the Aja Fixed Weight solution range offering medium to high speed multihead weighing for fixed weight tray and VFFS bag lines of wet & sticky products, fresh, IQF and cooked:- meat, poultry, fish, salad, prawn, vegetables and fruit.

Aja can offer complete turnkey solutions including bespoke designed, infeeds, gantries and tooling/packing devices to suit a wide range of fixed weight applications.

Manual Fixed Weight Scales

For simple, low volume, manual, labour, intensive Fixed Weight Weighing, Aja offers stainless steel fully washdown Aja DP Checkscales and TakeAweighs supplied, stand alone or networked to meet any weighing application.

Many weighed products just cannot be automated, or volumes may be too low and budgets limited. For these products, the Aja DP range of Checkscales stand alone or with Wi Fi Networking running Opus ‘e’, software is a solution with real time total management control, minimising Give Away with Average Weight optimising through dynamic updating of scale weight parameters.

DP Scales can be stand alone or form part of a integrated packing

& weighing line ‘the Aja WEIGHLINE’. Weighline optimises operate performance with systems designed specifically for the task. Aja work with our conveyor partners WRIGHTFIELD to produce full turn key solutions.

meet weighing and packing

Above: Manual Aja DP Checkscales in meat and poultry plants and produce packhouses

Fresh Food Weighing Automation

For sticky, wet & difficult ingredients & raw material

Introducing weighing automation for wet, sticky, fresh foods and difficult to handle raw material presents some real challenges.

Aja have with its Japanese and European manufacturing partners can offer a number of specialist automatic combination and multihead weighing solutions to resolve the most difficult and challenging weighing automation applications.

The Aja Fasco AWS & BWS Weighers

Unique semi automatic combination multihead weighers specifically for very, very wet and sticky raw material and ingredients either for retail pack or as components for ready meals and food to go snacks.

At all stages through the weighing and transfer process product transport is mechanically aided either by mini conveyors, archimedes screw or ‘clean and scrap ploughs’ to ensure there is no product loss of, or hanging up of pieces. Thus ensuring pack and weight integrity. Ease of clean down for short runs and a emphasis on hygiene are all critical elements of the AWS and BWS weighers.

There is a family of machines in the range from the compact AWS 500 to the higher speed BWS and AWS1000. Portability and a small footprint give flexibility for any food processing operation. Typical Give Away can be as low as sub 1% with speeds up to 35ppm depending on model and product characteristics

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