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Siemens continuous weighing products overview

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This article is about the introduction of the continuous weighing equipments from Siemens.

The Siemens line of continuous weighing products are found in almost any industry that involves handling of bulk materials. In applications like crushed stone, ore, cement, coal, food processing, or chemicals, Siemens reliable, field-proven conveyor belt scales, weigh feeders, solids flowmeters, and integrators are the ideal solution. Siemens products are rugged – built for tough operating conditions in the aggregate, cement, and mining industries. They are easy to install and maintain, and expert technical support is there when you need it.

Belt scales help maximize the use of raw materials, control inventories, and aid in the manufacturing of a consistent product. Siemens conveyor belt scales combine simple, drop-in installation, low maintenance (no moving parts) and repeatable accuracy for productive operation. They show minimal hysteresis and superior linearity, and ignore side loading. All load cells feature overload protection. With the use of approved intrinsically safe barrier strips, some belt scale models can be used in hazardous locations. High accuracy, light-loading, and heavy-duty models are available.

A weigh feeder system is a custom-engineered conveyor integrated with a belt weigh bridge and speed sensor. A variable speed drive, motor and gearbox allow the flow of material to be controlled by a given setpoint chosen in the BW500 weighing controller. This allows the feeder to provide precision weighing accuracies, and to improve blend consistencies, accountability, and record keeping. weigh feeders are indispensable when automated production processes require continuous inline weighing and feeding. These heavy-duty weigh feeders deliver fast, reliable, and uninterrupted service. The virtually maintenance-free construction promises unmatched performance. Siemens weigh feeders come standard with belt weigh bridge, speed sensor, and integrator. Flanged belting is available on all models. The height of the flange depends on model and application. Belt widths and conveyor lengths are made to measure for the required application.

Weighing Retrofit Program: Updating your continuous weighing system with current technology and communications reduces the operating cost of your plant. With this retrofit program, you can upgrade your existing weighing equipment at a fraction of the cost of a new complete system. Our integrators offer the latest microprocessor technology for reliable process management, and you can choose from a range of rugged belt scales and speed sensors to fit your application needs. Unique Modular design, low cost, and simple installation for easy retrofit and unmatched flexibility. These systems are Ideal for aggregates, sand or minerals, animal feeds or grains.

Solids flowmeters enhance process weighing control, contributing to improved quality of your end product. The heavy-duty, low maintenance LVDT type solids flowmeters provide continuous in-line continuous weighing of dry bulk solids, free-flowing powders, or granular material. An SF500 integrator completes the system processing sensor signals into operating data for flow measurement. All models produce accurate, repeatable results and may be used for critical functions such as batch load-out and blending. Safe overload protection is a standard feature. All models are totally enclosed and dust-tight, and are constructed of painted mild steel. Stainless steel and hazardousarea versions are also available.

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