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Hardy 3030 weighing controller with multiple scales

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The Hardy Instruments HI 3030 is a flexible weighing controller that can monitor and control up to four scales simultaneously. It can act as a front end to a PLC, PC or DCS system for applications such as level, batch weighing, filling, dispensing, and check weighing, or as a stand alone for simple control or weight monitoring.

3030 weighing controller


As a bridge to a PLC, its four scales can share one network connection, whether it is DeviceNet, ControlNet, Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, or Profibus. You can also link additional HI 3030s with their multiple scales and share the same network connection. Just like the other Series 3000 products, you can configure or monitor the HI 3030 operating using your Palm OS PDA, web browser, or network interface.


Imagine you have eight storage tanks and would like to monitor and control the weight in each of the tanks using your PLC.You could buy two HI 3030s, each with four scale inputs and tie them together with the built-in Ethernet communications. Bring all eights scales back to your PLC using just one of the HI 3030s and one of its optional technologies:DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, or Remote I/O network card. If you are in need of more than eight storage tanks, you can connect up to 16 weighing controllers, for a total of 64 scales, through that same single interface.You save wiring, time, and money.


Let’s again take the example of the eight storage tanks, but this time you wish to control tank weights outside of the PLC.No problem! With or without a connection to the PLC, you can set up the HI 3030 to automatically refill each of the storage vessels when they get to their individual “low” levels.Now, you can also save on programming costs.


With the flexible I/O mapping and twelve independent internal setpoints in the HI 3030, you can direct alarms or enunciators to a local output or to any point on the plant network.You can even have an alarm emailed directly to you! Don’t need a display or keypad on the weighing controller? Use the Blind Remote HI 3030R, and control or configure the unit via your web browser or your local network.You can even use a Palm PDA as a “virtual” local keypad and display via its standard IR port.



The HI 3030’s INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN, in conjunction with an IT Junction Box, provides builtin system diagnostics that allow you to troubleshoot and diagnose your weighing system right from its front panel, a PDA, or a web browser.You can read individual load sensor voltages and weights, make comparisons, and isolate individual system weighing components for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Features & Benefits

*Real Team Player with Your Network

– Connect via common plant networks
– Use it as DeviceNet Master – Use it as a gateway between networks
– Assign I/O anywhere on the network to save on setup and wiring costs

*True Human Interface:

– Web-Link: Interact using your computer browser
– PDA-Link: Download and upload setup data wireless with your PDA
– Up-Link: Download the latest firmware for your weighing controller from our website

*Ease of Support

– Diagnostics: Lets you isolate system problems from the comfort of your control room
– WAVERSAVER: Ignores plant vibration on and around scales
– C2: Electronic Weighing Calibration without test weights - SMM (Secure Memory Module): Automatic backup of configuration data for easy transfer

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