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About model MBSX single idler belt scale

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MBSX Belt scales are used for the continuous acquisition and weighing of flow rates and totalized amounts. Fitted in either new or existing belt conveyors. They can be employed for a variety of weighing tasks:

* Measurement of production rates in plants.

* Accountability of received and shipped amounts.

* Maximum or Minimum load limit alarms.

* weigh Batching, in loading stations.

* Pre-feeder control.

The study design ensures a high degree of reliability and availability.

MBSX single idler belt scale

* Simple installation of MBSX belt scale

* Accurate (±1%) and reliable design

* Stainless Steel double ended shear beam load cell

* Optional Jockey wheel speed sensor running on return belt

* Junction box with spring loaded push in terminals

* Zinc plated surface finish with all mounting hardware

MBSX Construction

The standard belt scale comprises:

* Fully floating weighing platforms.

* Two double ended shear beam stainless Steel load cell(s) of IP56 construction.

* IP65 Cable junction box of ABS plastic.

* IP65 Tail drum speed sensor.

* Mounting and adjusting bolts.

Options include:

* Weigh quality idler sets with screw adjustment (for precise idler alignment, ± 0.2mm).

* IP65 Cable junction box in 316 stainless steel.

* Friction Jockey Wheel running on return belt.

Belt Scale Operating Principle

The belt weigher comprises load cells that measure the load on the weigh length while a speed transducer acquires the belt speed. The belt scale controller calculates both the instantaneous load and the totalized amount. The MBSX features two stainless steel double ended shear beams mounted on each conveyor stringer. The modular design also results in a lighter construction better suited to the working range of the load cells.

All belt scales should be installed in accordance with our recommendations for the planning in of belt scales (TCM0002) and the installation and operating manual. Due to our policy of continuous improvement, dimensions and specifications may change without notice. Have all applications and specification reviewed prior to final design and all dimensions certified for installation purposes.

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