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Mettler Toledo's IND weighing terminal for process automation

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A new weighing terminal has been introduced Mettler Toledo for solving both basic and semi-complex filling and dosing applications in the process automation environment. The IND560fill offers OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and system weighing controller users the ability to deploy high performance solutions with minimal investment.

The weighing terminal/controller IND560 is designed specifically for users subject to regulatory controls in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverages industries. It complies with multiple global regulations including UL, CE, NTEP and OIML.

The versatile terminal IND560 offers direct programmable logic control (PLC) and distributed control system (DCS) connectivity, making it compatible with many different analog platforms. The extremely high A/D conversion and update rate is combined with proven TraxDSP digital filtering ensuring fast update of weight results when needed in various automation processes. With the update rate of more than 300 Hz, IND560 keeps pace with process speed, making it ideal for mixing, agitating or dynamic processes.

The pre-installed InSite application software allows easy configuration for either filling, dosing or blending, or to simply copy configurations from one terminal to another. The CalFREE feature offers an alternative calibration method for installations that do not need an approval by a metrological agency. This method is particularly useful for large tanks or silos where it is not practical to use test weights to calibrate the scale.

The Embedded Maintenance Technician (TRaxEMT) automatically logs zero commands and failures, overloads, weight sensor outputs, calibration values and checking, diagnostic tests and statistics for ISO compliance. This helps to predict failures, plan maintenance and track operating procedures.

To tolerate environmental hazards, the ingress protection rating of the weighing terminal is assured via IP65 (on the panel mount unit) and IP69K (on the harsh environment unit). The IND560 is easy to install and communicates with most scada and PLC systems.

Mettler Toledo has announced the launch of its IND226x, a weighing terminal that has received a full range of approvals for worldwide use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. With its IP66-protected stainless steel housing, the IND226x weighing terminal is able to withstand the toughest operating and cleaning conditions and has been approval for use in harsh industrial environments. Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale (OIML), National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) metrological approvals and international Ex certifications each allow for global use of the terminal in the hazardous area of zone 1/21.

The weight terminal IND226x provides far-reaching benefits to its users. Exact container filling is guaranteed, thanks to the dual efforts of a seven-segment LED display and an integrated over/under control weighing mode. Simple handling and processing are also ensured through functions such as MinWeigh, which guarantees weighing within acceptable limits, and CalFREE, which allows for electronic calibration with weighing module. The IND226x is also compatible with all of Mettler Toledo’s analog weighing platforms.

The weighing terminal IND226x is equipped with the mountable IND serial data interface and the ACM200 interface converter, enabling its connection to PCs or printers via an RS232 interface. This capability is ideal for hazardous areas, as the IND226x can be connected as a remote display via the serial remote interface. The IND226x’s various power supply options allow for its use in a range of application areas — including mobile weighing via a mains-free rechargeable battery.

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