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The PED Double Hopper Scale Intro

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Easy & quick calibration User control panel for Double Hopper Scale

Calibration and periodical check can be easily and quickly executed by placing standard weights on the disks assembled to the weighing hoppers. Commands given through the operator panel allow to perfectly readjust the weighing machine obtaining the required accuracy for effective weigh control of plant yield.

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The double hopper sacle arrangement allows higher production and weighing with a lower volume than any other solution. This Hopper Scale is particularly appreciated in plants requesting high performance in limited space. The weight measurement is obtained in a closed environment so giving results of maximum precision as it is not affected by external disturbance or pressure balance above and beneath weighing hopper.

User control panel

The use of touch-screen display make the operator interface extremely logical and user-friendly. Few and simple pressures on virtual buttons permit setting of main working parameters and detecting possible alarms. The head page reports evidently the decisive flow rate, net hopper weight and basic using indications.

Safety of Hopper Scale

The weighing unit has been developed according to safety and sanitation requirements. Wiring, electric panel and the electronic components have been designed to pass any standard tests. On request a version of PED according to ATEX standards for use in area 22, certified by German TüV, is available.

Electronics control system

Developed with the latest technology in electronics components, it is fully integrated and easily accessible for maintenance and wiring. The weight measurement is done through top performance A/D converter used in the weighing controllers. Input and output are protected from any wiring error and from electromagnetic noises, making these instruments really industrial.

Field bus

In the age of communication systems we cannot ignore this nowadays fundamental aspect. Three communication field busses are available: Profibus DP / Modbus / TTY (current loop). PED Hopper Scales are perfectly integrated in new automation systems and in existing ones, allowing the replacement of existing flow control systems.

Working principle of Double Hopper Scale

The automatic hopper scale PED works either as control unit or as dosing unit with a different loading device. After the phase of filling, attai-ned the set value, diverting the slide to move

toward the other scale hopper, the net weight contained is measured. Subsequently the discharge completes the operation. Simultaneously the cycle is repeated on the other weight hopper without interrupting the incoming flow.

Technical data of Scale

Hopper Scale Technical Data


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