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Unipulse Weighing Controller F850 intro

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Unipulse Weigh Controller F850 is the next step in the evolution of the F-series Weighing Controllers. With its high speed data conversion and versatile configuration, is it any wonder the F850 was given the excellence in product design award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Unipulse Japan).

Standard SI/FII 2-wire high speed (300kbps) bi-directional serial interface allows up to four controllers to communicate with up to 16 peripherals. The E928 (SI/FII to Open DeviceNet) E920 (serial SI/FII to various PLC’s), M350 (printer) LD517 (remote display with accumulator) or E232 (SI/FII to RS232C converter) are easily connected with a total communication distance of over 900 feet (300m).

The Weighing Controller F850 is a versatile controller for Hopper scales, Packing scales and Multi-Ingredients Batching. Add to that, the F850-X1 for In-motion Check-weighing Indicator and F850-X2 for Weigh-in-Motion Truck Axle indicator, and you have a powerful selection for precision weighing and process control accuracy.

Weighing Controller F850

Models available abou the Weighing Controller:

l Model F850
High-speed batching controller
l Model F850-X1
In-Motion Check-weighing Indicator
l Model F850-X2
Weigh-in-Motion Truck Axle Indicator (Max. six(6) axles)
l High speed A/D conversion and powerful digital processing capabilities of 100 times/sec., for rapid response to input signal
l Preset value up to 100 coded groups of set-point values with sequential running totals for each group.
l Precise head amplifier for outstanding accuracy (0.1 micron V/D. Celsius)
l Bessel type low-pass analog filter (2, 4, 6, 8Hz) and selectable digital filter (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 times per sec.) prevents the influence of vibration
l Feeding, discharge gate control sequence weighing function initiated by start signal
l Self-Check and Watch-Dog timer function in CPU, ROM and internal circuitry to insure reliability
l DIN-sized front panel and large 17mm (0.67 inch) display
l Full digital front panel calibration
l Secondary calibration with a simple resistor connection
l All setting value backed-up to non-volatile RAM and C-MOS RAM by lithium battery prevents data loss from a power failure


Unipulse Weighing Controller Specifications

a. Load cell excitation DC 10V +/-5%
b. Load cell current 120mA (4-350 ohm load cells)
c. Load cell cabling 4-wire standard, 6-wire with remote sensing
d. Zero adjustment range 0 to approx. 2.0 mV/V (digital adjustment)
e. Span adjustment range 0.3 to 2.0 mV/V (digital adjustment)
f. Analog input signal sensitivity 0.3 micron V/count
g. Stability Zero drift: within 0.1 micron V/D. Celsius
RTI (relative to input)
Gain drift: 5ppm/D. Celsius
h. Non-linearity Within 0.01%/FS

i. Analog filter Bessel type low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.)
2, 4, 6 or 8Hz selectable
j. Conversion rate 100 times/second (10ms)
k. Resolution 16 bits
l. Display resolution 1/10,000 (Legal for trade), 1/40,000 expanded
m. Secondary calibration Calibration can be carried out without an actual load by connecting a resistor to one of the bridges of a load cell.

a. Display Original Vacuum fluorescent Display
b. Numeric display Eight(8) digits, 17mm (0.67 inch)
c. Weight value display 5 digits, Plus/Minus sign
d. Character display 5 x 7 dot matrix display, 24 digits x 2 lines
e. Unit Selectable g, kg, t, lb, N, none
f. Decimal point Selectable 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000
g. Weight display frequency Selectable 3, 6, 13, 25 times/sec. (internal 100 times/ sec.)
h. Scale capacity 5 digits (up to 99999)
i. Min. scale division 1 to 100 selectable
j. Over-scale display A-D convert input over range ‘Load’

Net weight over (5 digits) ‘OFL1’
Scale capacity plus 9 counts ‘OFL2’
Gross weight over (5 digits) ‘OFL3’
k. Center zero ‘CZ’ turns on when the displayed value is the center zero.(0+/-1/4 scale)
l. Status display Indicated by fixed character display
m. Message Menus and guidance for settings are displayed.
Operation status of the weighing controller are displayed when
setting is not carried out.


a. Setting method Keyboard operation (membrane keyboard with a key click buzzer)
b. Memory Initial set values – NOV RAM(Non-volatile RAM)
Other set values – C-MOS RAM with backup of a lithium battery (effective more than 7 years) depending on operating conditions
c. Protection of set values(LOCK) Initial set values and calibration can be protected from unauthorized access.
d. Setting items *Calibration

zero calibration/ span calibration/ balance weight/ capacity/ min. scale division/ over net/ over gross/ display frequency/ decimal point/ 1/4 scale display ON-OFF/ unit

*Comparative setting 1

SP1/ SP2/ In-Flight/ final/ under/ over/ (100 codes)

*Comparative setting 2

near zero/ lower limit/ upper limit/ preset tare weight/ comparison inhibiting time/ judging timer/ complete timer/ discharge timer

*Function setting

digital filter/ motion detection/ weighing function/ function key inhibited/ RS-232 setting/ ID number

e. External output signal The output signal circuit is an open-collector output of a transistor.

near zero/ SP1/ SP2/ SP3/ under/ go/ over/ complete discharge/ low limit/ high limit/ stable/ weight error/ error/ final error/ run

f. External input signal Signals are inputted by shorting or opening Input and COM terminals.

gross or net/ digital zero/ tare on/ tare off/ hold or judgment/ feed or discharge/ accumulation command / accumulation clear/ start/ stop/ discharge command /compulsory dis. command/ discharge gate open/

discharge gate close/ control connector selection

a. Voltage input AC100V, 120V, 200V or 220V, +10%-15% 50/60Hz
b. Power consumption Approx. 15VA
c. Operating temperature: -10 + 40D. Celsius (+14 to +104D. Fahrenheit)
Storage temperature: -40 to +80D. Celsius (-40 to +176D. Fahrenheit)
d. Humidity <85% RH (non-condensation)
e. Dimension 192W x 96H x 140D mm (7.56 x 3.78 x 5.51 inch)
f. Panel cutout size 186W x 92H +0.5/-0mm
Panel thickness 1.6mm min.
g. Weight Approx. 2.2 kg (4.85 lb)


a. SI/F 2-wire serial interface Connect Controller to printers and remote displays (up to 3 units)

b. SI/FII 2-wire high speed bi-directional serial interface Connect up to 4 Controllers to E928 (SI/FII to open (up to 20 units) DeviceNet), E920, E922, E924 or E926 (SI/FII to PLC; Mitsubishi, Omron, Yokogawa or Fuji), E232 (SI/FII to RS232C converter), printers and Remote displays.

c. RS-232C communication Weight data, status and set values can be written interface(Option) or read by a host computer.

Signal level: Conformable to the RS-232C weighing transmitter
Transmitting distance: Approx. 15m
Transmitting method: Synchronous
Transmitting speed: 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 bps

Bit configuration: Start 1 bit
Character length 7 or 8 bits selectable
Stop 1 or 2 bits selectable
Parity none, odd or even selectable

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