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New weighing controller products from Sartorius

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Sartorius has introduced two new products: the X3 process controller and the PR5220 process weighing transmitter (pictured). Both weighing controllers incorporate state-of-the-art Ethernet connectivity. The standard Ethernet TCP/IP interface enables trouble-free integration in existing computer networks and supports the transmission of weight values, process status messages or other information. For identification of scales within the networks, the X3 and PR5220 are assigned names and IP addresses.

IP addresses can be set in three different ways: entering a fixed address, using an address defined by the weighing controller itself - referred to as 'auto IP' - or via a DHCP server. For detection of unknown IP addresses, a PC tool is available that searches for all Sartorius products in the network and lists them with their IP addresses and names.

These new weighing controller are configured through a web browser. The OPC server interface makes all information on the scales continuously available and can be used for visualisation, for example. It is also easy to integrate the weighing controllers into Microsoft Office applications such as Excel.

Wireless reliability

New features made possible by the Ethernet TCP/IP implementation include the possibility for wireless LAN (WLAN) and remote service. Wireless LAN can be used with any standard WLAN module. Remote service from the company's intranet is easy to implement over a virtual private network (VPN) connection to the remote customer network.

Highest possible accuracy of measurement

These products feature Sartorius SmartCalibration. Special circuitry and high-precision components in the input amplifier, together with the factory calibration of the weighing controller, enable complete pre-adjustment of the measurement chain with very high weighing accuracy.

Both weighing products are equipped with high-quality A/D converters for connecting strain-gauge load cells with an internal resolution of more than 4 million intervals and a verifiability of up to 10 000e in accordance with OIML R76.

For more information contact Patrick Radermacher, taratec, +27 (0)11 660 6277

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