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WS100 and Ramsey belt speed sensor intro

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A compact, medium-resolution, new belt speed sensor for conveyor belts from the Siemens Industry Automation Division is suitable for any industrial weighing application with belt-driven conveyor pulleys, for example in the primary industry.

The lightweight, yet durable Sitrans WS100 is suitable in applications from -40 to 110°C. Typical applications include the mineral processing industry, in particular quarries or cement plants, with belt speeds up to 2 metres per second. The sensor monitors the belt speed for input to an integrator, which calculates flow rate, total weight, belt load, and speed of bulk materials. Sitrans WS100 can be combined with a Milltronics BW100 or BW500 belt scale controller or Siwarex FTC PLC module, and a Milltronics belt scale for a complete weighing system.

Sitrans WS100 offers ease of installation through magnetic mounting – no modifications needed. The magnetic holding force is up to 68 kilograms. Constructed of polypropylene with type AISI 304 (1.4301) stainless steel sensor mount and cover, Sitrans WS100 includes corrosion resistant components that are robust and virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, the rotating targets are fully sealed ensuring safe operation. Sitrans WS100 is available in standard and intrinsically safe (IS) versions and is Nema 4/IP65 rated.

For more information contact Keshin Govender, Siemens Southern Africa, +27 (0)11 652 2000,

Conveyor belt speed sensor Thermo Scientific Cement Coal

Ramsey Series 60-200 Motion Monitoring Systems offer a choice of versatile and reliable packages for monitoring underspeed, overspeed and zero speed conditions on various weighing machinery and systems by sensing the speed variations of rotating parts.

Conveyor belt speed sensor

Customers can choose from either mechanically coupled (shaft-driven) or non-contacting proximity type sensors, depending on their particular application requirements and design preferences. Either type of sensor can then be tied to the Ramsey 60-200 programmable motion monitor.

Programmable Control Features of Ramsey belt speed sensor

Start-Up Delay: 0-99 seconds
Alarm Setpoint(s): 0-160%
Alarm Delay: 0-99 seconds
Restart Mode: Power Up, Remote Relay Input
Begin Start-Up Delay: Power Up, First Pulse
Alarm Reset: Manual (Latched), Automatic

Ramsey Model 60-200 Control

The Ramsey 60-200 Programmable Motion Monitor is a versatile microprocessor-based controller that can be used with any Ramsey weight sensor, or in some cases, as the control device matched with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.

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