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Count weighing scale also counts and checks

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Compact industrial weighing scales offer a durable, value-priced Count weighing scale for process and inventory control applications.

count weighing scale

Ohaus Corporation, a leading manufacturer of scales and balances for industrial and laboratory markets, has introduced the TrooperTM Count series of compact industrial Count weighing scales.

Based on the popular Trooper series of compact weighing scales, the Trooper Count line offers a durable, value-priced weighing scale for process and inventory control applications.

Designed for use in light industrial environments, the Trooper Count represents the latest addition to Ohaus' growing range of industrial counting products.

Ohaus designed the Trooper Count series to provide industrial users with an intuitive yet powerful Count weighing scale for a wide range of uses.

Each Trooper Count is ready to use straight out of the box, featuring a full suite of counting features to meet user's needs.

With its large triple-window backlit LCD display, the Trooper Count provides fast information for weighing, counting and checking applications.

Operation is fast using dedicated function keys and a full numeric keypad, allowing direct input of tare and average piece weights, sample sizes and other data fields.

The Trooper Count offers positive and negative sampling modes, preset or user-defined sample sizes, positive and negative counting, Auto-Optimization and Auto-Add software to ensure the accuracy of the sample average piece weight.

For inventory and stocking applications, the Trooper Count features 300 memory locations organized into 60 files for storing information for parts or stock keeping units.

Stored information can include can include a 12-digit part number, an average piece weight for parts counting, a tare weight for weighing in a container, an accumulated parts count in memory, and low and high counts for piece checking and parts bagging applications.

Each part file can be quickly accessed using the Trooper Count's dedicated counting keys, allowing flexibility in parts manufacturing or shipping/receiving roles.

The Ohaus Trooper Count series comprises four models with capacities and readabilities ranging from 6 lbs.

X 0.001 lb (3kg x 0.5g) to 60 lb.

X 0.01 lb (30kg x 5.0g).

Every Ohaus Trooper Count scale features a compact footprint with dimensions of 13.5in w x 14.5in d x 4.5in h, and can be easily placed on any benchtop.

The products' concave, stainless steel weighing pan and ABS housing provide the protection required for everyday industrial weighing environments.

Other standard features include a net/gross/tare function, user-selectable are weighing units (g, kg, oz or lb), keyboard toggle between selected weigh units, energy saving auto-off timer, low battery warning, as well as leveling feet and a leveling bubble to ensure accurate weighing results wherever the scales placed.

The Trooper Count scales feature multiple weighing units -- grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces - and a bi-directional RS232 interface for interfacing with computers, printers and other devices.

The Trooper Count weighing scales operate on either AC power or 6 "C" type batteries, providing up to 100 hours of operation for mobile applications in the warehouse or on the shop floor.

Ohaus offers a full line of industrial scales and balances for quality assurance, production area, receiving/shipping and washdown environments.

Ranging from 0.1mg analytical balances to 5,000lb heavy-duty floor scales, Ohaus products offer applications for general weighing, parts counting, dynamic/animal weighing, checkweighing, materials analysis, formulation, filling operations, volume determination, GMP, SQC, and other common industrial functions.

An ISO 9001 manufacturer, Ohaus is headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey, and has offices throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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