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Dynamic high speed checkweigher from Applied Weighing

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Adding to its comprehensive range of weighing systems for the food industry, Applied Weighing, the UK's leading manufacturer of load cells and supplier of industrial weighing controllers, has recently introduced a dynamic high speed checkweigher.

Dynamic high speed checkweigher

The unit complies with UK average weight and minimum weight legislation.

This sophisticated and versatile new machine is powered by the 920i process weight controller and can be combined with lead on/lead off conveyors, bar coders and metal detection equipment.

Providing a fully automated check weighing package, the system can also be linked to filling machines.

In addition to check weighing, the system can also be used for classification and sorting, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in both the food industry and other sectors.

With a maximum capacity of 200ppm, the Applied Weighing dynamic high speed checkweigher is designed to operate within very wide weight ranges.

Packs outside pre-set minimum and maximum tolerances are automatically rejected, and if the dynamic weighing system is linked to the filling mechanism, the high speed checkweigher will automatically adjust the filling heads.

Robust and easy to use, minimum and maximum weights are simply dialled in to the self contained weigh head with no further programming required.

Real time production information is displayed on screen with data stored in an internal databank.

Key indicators can also be downloaded from the high speed checkweigher via LAN, Profibus or RS485, helping to minimise cost and maximise production flow.

Manufactured in stainless steel as standard, the high speed dynamic checkweigher complies with the stringent hygiene regulations within the food processing industry and is simple and easy to wash down.

Applied Weighing provide a comprehensive supply, install and commission package and after-sales service and support.

Established in 1990, Applied Weighing is the UK's leading manufacturer of load cells and supplier of industrial weighing systems.

Providing a comprehensive range of weighing solutions, systems are custom built to meet individual customer requirements.

Products include silo and vessel weighing systems, belt scale controllers, drum filling systems, high speed weighing systems, telemetry systems and load cells.

Applied Weighing's checkweigher products are used across a wide range of industry sectors including food processing, milling and bakeries, aggregates and cement, fuel oils, chemicals and plastics.

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