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Recommendations to ensure proper functioning and high accuracy of belt scales

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In this article, you will learn the 10 rules to ensure proper functioning and high weighing accuracy of Belt Scales

Strict observation of the following rules is essential with a view to minimizing factors which might adversely affect the functioning and measuring accuracy of the belt scale and scale controllers, and which originate from the weigher environment.

For maximum accuracy (related to the actual value), rules 4, 5 and 9 are of particular importance. The measuring stations themselves are of rugged design, and resistant to torsion.

Detailed instructions for installation and alignment are given in our installation, calibration and commissioning instructions F 9151GB

1,Install the belt scale in a straight belt section. The adjacent illustrations show a number of typical locations of belt scales for different conveyor belt arrangements.

The numbers in the circles represent a rating scale (from 1 = to be preferred to 6 = unfavourable), characterizing the influence of the place of installation on the weighing accuracy of the belt scale.

2, The angle of inclination of the belt must be such that there is no relative movement of the material handled.

3, Install the belt weigher sufficiently far away from the hopper to ensure that the bulk solids flow has settled and there is no relative movement of the material.

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