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Types and applications of platform weighing scales

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In this article, you will learn the different types and different applications of platform weighing scales.

Scales are one of the essential equipment needed in most types of industries and retail trade. Quite often, weighing scales are designed and made as per the client's requirement. As we all know, weighing scales are used to measure the weight of the object placed on the scale. There are different kinds of weighing scales available in the market - platform scales, floor scales, digital scales, weighing indicators, bench scales, counting scales, economical scales, etc.

Platform scales are specially designed and produced in large number to meet the requirements of measuring the weight of the objects such as cargo kept at the platform. Platform scales are available in different types and they come in different models, sizes, prices and capacities to satisfy the requirement.

Platform scales are of many kinds - Low Capacity Platform Scales, Mild Steel Platform Scales , Floor Mounted, Stainless Steel Platform Scales, Pit Mounted Platform Scales, Portable Platform Scales, Intrinsically Safe Platform Scales, bench mounted Platform Scales, Standalone Platform Scales, Pit-installed Platform Scales, Mobile Platform Scales, hazardous area Platform Scales, etc. The platform scales are available in different combinations of size and capacity depending on the customers requirements. Deploying the present-day advanced technology available in the market, platform scales are produced to obtain effective and accurate measurement for the object.

The platform scales are fairly versatile and used across several market segments, to weigh, mix and fill a host of items including foodstuffs, to household components, detergents and medicines. This platform weighing scales have a large number of applications and suitable for a number of uses. There are heavy-duty platform scales can handle loads from six kilograms to as heavy as twenty tones. With a wide variety of models, sizes and capacities of scales available in the market, the platform scales serves as an ideal measurement instrument for most businesses.

Different makes and models of platform scales are available in the market to fulfill different applications. The Swivel Caster Scale needs to be mentioned. It is a durable platform scale designed for easier handling of large cargo up to 20,000 lbs. The Swivel Caster Scale is used for applications that require extremely durable and accurate weighing equipment. The Swivel Caster Scale also features a heavy-duty tread plate, stainless steel junction box and 113 swivel casters using heavy cast steel.

Another notable and extremely durable model is the Pancake Scale that is used for applications that demand accurate weighing. The Pancake Scale is a large and low-profile platform scale that uses appropriate technology for accurate cargo weighing. The Pancake Scale also features a large durable steel platform and a total weighing capacity of 20,000 lbs.

There are also platform weighing scales designed to provide shock and static overload protection by absorbing the spring. Cardinal brand offers a variety of stainless steel bench scales in both wash-down and splash-proof capabilities. Cardinal's stainless steel bench scales are carefully designed to provide long-term accuracy. Cardinal's EB series bench scales feature liftoff platforms to facilitate overhaul by providing direct access to all of the components.

QuickSilver Series Bench Scales are versatile and are ideal for all types of food process weighing applications, ready to eat applications, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. It features a low profile shock resistant base that is in conformity with the Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA) standards for shock and overload protection. It also provides highly accurate and reliable weighing.

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