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Weight sensors suit axle and vehicle weigh platforms

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This page describes the weight sensors which is suited axle and vehicle weigh platforms.

Available from Sensor-Technik, the Richmond Industries 600 Series of folded shear-beam weight sensors offer compact and robust solutions to a range of industrial weighing applications.

Their high-quality construction and high precision make these bidirectional devices suitable for use in vehicle and axle weigh platforms, as well as in overhead crane weighing.

Available in standard ranges from 0-1 to 0-25kN, the 600 Series weight sensors are made from alloy and stainless steel, and the space-saving folded shear-beam design means that all devices share the same compact outline of 75 x 70 x 25mm.

M12 threads are provided at the top and bottom for load connection, and all electrical signals are carried via an integral 2m-long screened cable.

Longer cables can be supplied by special request, as can accessories such as load buttons, rod ends and eye rings, to enable a full range of tension and compression measurement applications.

The 600 Series is said to be highly accurate, with nonlinearity and hysteresis each quoted at better than 0.05 per cent of full scale and zero balance at 0.50 per cent of full scale.

They are also highly tolerant of rough treatment, accepting 150 per cent overload with no loss of calibration and 200 per cent overload without physical damage.

This is achieved over an operating temperature range of -20 to 70C, with full temperature compensation between 20 and 70C.

Onboard calibration circuitry removes the need to carry physical weights to verify the accuracy of the weight sensors.

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