• JY500D11 Digital Weight Transmitter
  • JY500D11 Digital Weight Transmitter
JY500D11 Digital Weight TransmitterJY500D11 Digital Weight Transmitter

JY500D11 Digital Weight Transmitter

  • Size:110(W)x 150(D)x 62(H)mm
  • Weight: about 0.5 kg
  • Power supply: DC24V
  • Product description:


Y500D11 Digital Weight Transmitter is mainly used as weighing digital signal conversion parts in weighing equipment. The product has the function of weight limit judgment, which can be used for weight limit control.

With LED Niexi tube display, JY500D11 is easy to operate and learn. It is used in building materials industry, chemical industry, food industry, steel industry, feed and other industries.

Main functions & features

1) It is used for transmitting weighing signal into digital signal or standard analog signal.

2) Analog output is selected 4-20mA, and digital communication interface is selected RS485.

3) Single-row LED digital tube displays current weight value, latch value, output current value and other information respectively.

4) 4 keys are respective defined as zero, latch, display option.

5)The upper limit, the middle limit and the lower limit can be set for D11 instrument.

6) A optocoupler input is equiped to receive external zero and latch signal.

7) The instrument can be programmed. It can get high performance by setting the parameter.

8) Internal switching power supply and over voltage protection are adopted to adapt to large power supply fluctuation.

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