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Type Selection And Maintenance of Quantitative Packaging Scale

Automatic quantitative packaging scale products belong to the packaging and weighing industry. Automatic quantitative packaging scale is a device for sub packaging bulk materials according to the specified weight. It must have the necessary measurement accuracy (2 / 1000) and corresponding packaging speed.
Control principle of quantitative packaging scale
Use the load cell, weighing instrument and weighing transmitter to convert the weighing signal into the signal that can be recognized by PLC, and then use PLC programmable programming to get various actions we need.
1、 The automatic quantitative packaging of solid materials is divided into the following categories:
1. Automatic packaging of particulate matter;
2. Automatic packaging of powdery materials;
3. Automatic packaging of irregular materials;
2、 According to different material characteristics, appropriate automatic quantitative packaging equipment can be selected in the following ways:
1. Distinguish the properties of materials: particles, powders and irregularities;
1.1 the free falling feeding mode (i.e. door feeding mode) is generally adopted for the packaging of particles;
1.2 the packaging of powdery materials usually adopts spiral (hinge cage) feeding mode;
1.3 the automatic quantitative packaging of irregular materials usually adopts belt or vibrating feeding.
2. Differentiation of packaging capacity:
The packaging capacity of the packaging machine is generally divided into single scale automatic quantitative packaging and double scale high-speed quantitative packaging, with 300-350 packages per hour as a dividing point. If it is lower than this data, single scale packaging is selected, and if it is higher than this data, double scale high-speed quantitative packaging is selected.
3. Differentiation of packaging specifications:
In the process of automatic quantitative packaging, the packaging specifications range from a few grams to tens of kilograms. Under normal circumstances, the ratio of the maximum packaging specification to the minimum packaging specification of packaging equipment is not more than 5 times (kg is the unit of measurement, and gram is not within this ratio). For example, if the minimum packaging is 5kg, the maximum packaging of the selected equipment can not be more than 25kg. Similarly, the maximum package of 50kg can not be less than 10kg, that is, 5-25kg and 10-50kg are one span;
3、 Maintenance of packing scale
The maintenance of the packaging scale during use is very important. The matching parts, cylinder piston rod transmission parts, sensors and electronic control system shall be maintained. Therefore, the following points shall be achieved:
1. Carefully check whether all connections are firm and whether all parts are in good condition at any time, and timely notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance in case of abnormalities;
2. Check the cylinder transmission parts regularly and keep them clean to ensure flexible action.
3. The sensor shall be checked regularly to ensure that the sensor shall be kept in the same plane and line. In case of poor accuracy and inflexibility caused by the sensor, it shall be repaired or replaced in time.

4. If it is not used for a long time, remove the metering bucket and protect the sensor; Grease the exposed part of the piston rod of each cylinder to prevent rust stains.

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