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The Cautions of Using Weighing Transmitter

1) Unpacking 

When unpacking  the case, properly keep the packing list, qualification certificate, specification, and accessories and spare parts.

2) Installation instruction

The instrument should be securely mounted on the control panel of electric cabinet.

Installation place should be free from vibration source, taking sun-proof, high temperature prevention, freeze prevention, moisture proof and rain proof measures.

3) Wiring precautions 

Each ground terminal should be well grounded, correctly connected and securely fixed.

The instrument should not share any distribution box, power socket and power lines (including ground lead) with interfering electric equipment as it would affect the performance of the instrument. If it is necessary, power filter should be added in the power circuit for isolation.

To prevent unnecessary interference, shorten length of sensor cables as much as possible and keep sensor away from power lines and control lines.

4) Precautions for use 

To prevent negative phenomena such as over high and low voltage and waveform distortion, maintain power supply stability as much as possible.

To prevent instrument damage, never press randomly, heavily and strike on instrument keypad or buttons.

To prevent personal injury or equipment damage, never dismantle the instrument at will, whether in a power-on state or not.

The instrument allows for break-point memory and generally, after completing preset batch numbers, set manual/automatic switch under manual state before for next round of batching and then power off switch. See relevant sections for shutdown of break-point memory function.

5) Maintenance precautions 

Never plug in or out the connectors on rear board or replace fuses and sensors in a power-on state.

To prevent misalignment or imbalance, instrument calibration or setting shall only be carried out by our company personnel or professional.

Do not clean instrument with organic solvents of HC, alcohol and ketone type, or with strong acid or alkali solution as it would damage instrument enclosure, panel and internal components.

No arbitrary repair or modification to the instrument is acceptable and, in case of equipment failure, please follow the operating instruction or contact with us, or otherwise no preferential after-sales service would be offered.

The equipment, if left unused, should be powered on at least once every month with a period of more than 1h, removing internal moisture. 

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