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Instrument Characteristics And Design of Belt Scale

In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements for profit measurement and process control, and belt scale is increasingly widely used in measurement and batching. Therefore, the manufacture and development of belt scale instruments have attracted much attention.
Belt scale instruments have the following characteristics:
(1) process and calculate the millivolt signal of the symmetrical weight sensor and the pulse signal of the speed sensor at the same time;
(2) be able to display flow, accumulation and other data
(3) it has the function of dynamic air regulating scale;
(4) accumulated clearing operation can be carried out;
(5) Print function can be executed,
(6) it can be equipped with clock function;
(7) there are replacement information such as explosion quasi wax class, Daxi super mother, human / D owe child, external counting dance overflow, sensor dance, printer, etc
(8) convenient calibration can save a lot of manpower and material resources. It is a standard measure with physical calibration as the highest standard;
(9) there are various forms of analog input signals inside to facilitate debugging,
(10) It can be equipped with cumulative T, stream t remote transmission interface and serial communication interface.
The above are the basic characteristics that a belt scale instrument must have. The following problems should be paid attention to in the design of an ideal belt scale instrument.
The belt scale instrument is different from the ordinary dynamic weighing instrument. In addition to high sensitivity, a / D conversion times, good temperature and linearity indicators, it also has different calculation methods and good anti-interference ability. More importantly, in the design, the use, calibration, display and interface of the instrument should adapt to the harsh environment of most belt scales and facilitate the use of users Such a belt scale instrument is ideal and expected by most users.
The following details shall also be considered in other designs:
(l) It can automatically measure the speed frequency division number, saving time and labor
(2) the keyboard can be locked, and the unlocking password is set by the user to avoid misoperation.
(3) there are three printing modes: timing printing, key printing and external input signal printing, and a variety of printing formats can be selected.
(4) the zero tracking function can be selected, which can adapt to various inevitable changes of empty scale caused by home.
(5) it has internal software self-test function and lamp test function, which can judge whether the internal software and hardware functions and display unit are intact to avoid false reading.
(6) the setting and calibration operations are in the form of clear primary and secondary menu flow chart, which is clear at a glance and easy to understand.
JY500B1 belt scale instrument is widely used in the measurement, weighing and feeding control of bulk materials in electric power, coal, metallurgy, mining, port, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. Jy500b1 is a measuring and weighing control instrument specially designed for the feeding of various bulk and powdery materials. During the feeding process, its materials are continuously and dynamically weighed, accumulated and flow controlled. It is specially used for belt scale, quantitative feeder, batching scale, weight loss scale and screw scale.
Functional features of jy500b1 belt scale instrument
1. The weighing and feeding instrument is suitable for quantitative feeder, batching belt scale, electronic metering belt scale, belt speed detection device, etc.
2. It has many functions, such as signal acquisition, error correction, state judgment, data processing, operation display, PID regulation, DCS communication and so on.
3. Full Chinese and English menus and function prompts.
4. All digital and parameter input setting mode is adopted, and the system has the functions of physical calibration and analog calibration.
5. It has the functions of fault prompt, fault signal weight selection and alarm shutdown.
6. The data storage adopts flash mode, which can automatically save various process data when the system is powered off. After power on again, the system will keep running on the original process parameters.
7. Remote control operation can be realized by using DCS.

8. The instrument uses highly reliable devices and combines with advanced anti-interference technology to have high resistance to static electricity, sparks, electromagnetic interference, etc.



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