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Introduction to Batching Belt Scale

The batching belt scale is a belt conveyor equipped with the whole weighing device of the belt scale. It is also one of the electronic belt scales. The weighing device completes the material quantity measurement task, the feeder completes the material quantity adjustment task, and the feed hopper completes the material storage and buffer task. A set of batching device is composed of the batching belt scale, the feeder and the feed hopper.
The batching belt scale adopts dynamic metering mode and computer frequency conversion control, automatic belt tensioning device, deviation alarm protection and on-site control switch. It has the advantages of stable operation, high reliability, high metering accuracy and can work normally under harsh environment. It is suitable for batching and metering of bulk materials in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain and other industries, It is an ideal metering equipment to realize automatic control and stabilize product quality.
Classification of batching belt scale
1. Drag type batching belt scale
Advantages: it is beneficial to the improvement of material weighing accuracy; No feeder reduces the height difference in the batching system, which can save investment for the new system. For the old system, the scheme of adding batching belt scale is easier to implement.
2. Constant speed batching belt scale
Advantages: less speed regulating equipment is used in non speed regulating mode of belt conveyor; There is a feeder between the storage bin and the batching belt scale, which is convenient for the zero adjustment, belt replacement and other operations of the belt scale.
3. Double speed regulating batching belt scale
Advantages: generally, the material load on the belt does not change with the amount of material, which is beneficial to the improvement of material weighing accuracy; There is a feeder between the storage bin and the batching belt scale, which is convenient for the zero adjustment, belt replacement and other operations of the belt scale.
Each kind of batching belt scale has its own advantages and disadvantages. The specific situation needs to be determined by the enterprise according to the characteristics and applicable occasions.
Structural features of batching belt scale:
1. Reasonable structure and high strength, suitable for the design of non-standard scales of various specifications;
2. The integrated direct connection special belt scale reduction motor is adopted, which has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, dust resistance, long service life and high reliability; The reduction motor is equipped with counter torque support plate and shaft mounted structure. It is directly connected with the scale body driving drum, which is extremely convenient for installation, commissioning and maintenance.
3. The annular endless belt can be selected according to the process: parallel belt, baffle structure and skirt belt structure;
4. The unique X-type reed weighing mechanism makes the reed bear more uniform force, better linearity and repeatability;
5. The magnetic sensitive speed measuring device is used to match the speed measuring circuit to truly reflect the motor speed, and the speed measuring signal is accurate and reliable;
6. Unique belt deviation prevention device, which can freely adjust the tensioning idler;
7. The scale body feeding device is equipped with supporting plate, which can control the feeding amount and sealing material for scale body calibration and zero calibration;
Other description equipment composition
The main components are warehouse reducing pressure distributor, lever scale body, transmission device, load sensor, speed sensor, frequency converter, weighing control instrument . The weighing and batching system developed for the batching control of concrete mixing and asphalt mixture equipment is configured. It is used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other occasions requiring batching control. It can control 6 different kinds of materials and 9 formula choices. The printing function of formula, actual batching weight and cumulative blanking value is provided to facilitate the management and statistics of production data, It can be connected with the upper DCS system through RS-485 serial or fieldbus communication interface to realize DCS control.

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